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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Cloud Holes & Wilma's "2"

In The Electric Sky How to Make, or Suppress Rainfall

Scott Stevens provides extensive information concerning weather modification. Please visit his site for detailed information.

Holes copyright © Scott Stevens and WeatherWars.info

"This image caused quite a stir in late summer 2003 when this image was captured some place in Alabama, if I recall correctly. I enjoyed reading the accounts of how the meteorological community struggled to explain how this cloud formed from their limited knowledge of the electrical processes at work in our atmosphere. The accepted explanation was that there was a condensation nuclei present that initiated the event. Still no answer as to why the circular shape and source of the nuclei to trigger its formation. You now know that it was a flood of negative ions delivered by HAARP or similar technologies to rain out the cloud cover into this weeping cirrus cloud".

Wilma's "2"

A Wilma Update (31 October 2005)

Scott Stevens provides detailed information concerning the "2" that was visible during Wilma's arrival...
"The drawing of this number 2, within the eye of a catagory 2 hurricane and just as it makes landfall, is a clear demonstration of the technical capabilities and experience of the weather makers to inscribe or brand a hurricane in this fashion. What this means is that this hurricane, and the hurricanes to follow, will go where they are told to go".
From NBC-2 News - Fort Myers FL

The Mystery of The Eye

©Copyright 1996-2005 Waterman Broadcasting Corporation

"While watching NBC2 coverage of Hurricane Wilma about two dozen residents called the station reporting an unusual sighting. While watching a Doppler loop of Hurricane Wilma coming ashore, a number two appeared in the eye of the storm. In going back through the recorded Doppler loop, we found exactly what viewers were talking about. The image [above] was not altered in any way - it's a screen capture from the Doppler system. You can click 'play' above to watch the actual Doppler loop".


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