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Friday, November 04, 2005

Future Warfare: Electromagnetic Weapons

History Channel Documentary

Electromagnetic pulse wave
High Energy Microwave Weapon Warfare

The following sources were provided by former NBC weather anchor Scott Stevens. For more detailed up-to-date information, visit his website: Weather Wars

Also available on Scott's website are high quality pictures of - standing gravity/scalar waves - atmospheric energy strike over Southern England (Little Hampton 16 October 2005) - clouds built on a square as a result of intercepting waves - ripples and waves - contrails/chemtrails - scalar EM-energy strikes - energy being introduced into the atmosphere - scalar energy signatures - holes inside of squares - an article from PRAVDA newspaper (Russian) - "American meteorologist Scott Stevens has recently brought accusations against Russia"

'The Invisible Machine' The History Channel Documentary

A look at electronic and microwave weapon technology through a forty-minute History Channel documentary. If there are skeptics out there this goes a long way in in removing doubt about the extent of the research and development of this means of waging terrorism and warfare. Is there any difference? Also, a one-hour lecture by Lt. Col. Tom Bearden (retd.) includes a comprehensive overview and slide presentation of the fundamentals of scalar electromagnetic theory in addition to the named subject matter.


(download videos)

History Channel Documentary: Electromagnetic Weapons

Lecture by Lt. Col. Tom Bearden on scalar electromagnetic theory

Winner of the "Best Independent Documentary Award" at the Da Vinci Film & Video Festival

Bell Island, Newfoundland

The world of electromagnetic warfare and weapons of mass destruction

Imagine the future – a strange new weapon is detonated high over a large city. There is no explosion, no visible destruction, but everything electronic within the range of this weapon will go out … permanently. Every electronic gadget in every home and office – disabled. No computers, no T.V., no life support systems in hospitals, no water supply, no heat, no lights – truly, a return to the dark ages. Imagine a full range of new weapons; one can take out the electricity in your city, another can destroy you. If you haven’t heard about these weapons, it’s no surprise. Their development has been secretive and they sound more like science fiction than reality. When did this reality really begin and how far advanced is it now? This revealing documentary opens the window on this -until now- secretive science.

On a calm Sunday morning in 1978, residents of Bell Island, Newfoundland hear an odd, high-pitched hum, immediately followed by a sudden and terrifying blast resounding for hundreds of miles. Witnesses observe a “straight shaft of light” descending from the sky, and a barrage of violent electrical phenomenon. Outbuildings are destroyed, livestock electrocuted, televisions explode and power lines vaporize. Observed from space, the light emissions from the “boom” are more powerful than those of the Hiroshima blast.

The Invisible Machine unravels the mystery of the Bell Island “boom” and in doing so takes a chilling look at the U.S. military’s experimentation with electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons,“e-bombs”, directed energy weapons that can destroy electrical and communications systems but leave people seemingly unharmed. We interview eye witnesses, an EMP weapons designer, scientists, journalists, policy makers and activists who warn that these weapons are real and may have been used by the US military during its “shock and awe” campaign against Iraq in 2003.

While the United States continues to develop and experiment with these weapons of mass destruction, the questions remain: were the bizarre events on Bell Island in 1978 related to early testing gone wrong and were directed EMP weapons at Baghdad’s electricity generation plant the most recent experiment? If so, what are the consequences of unleashing this powerful force? The Invisible Machine pulls back the veils of secrecy to find the answers.

The Tunguska Explosion www.maar.us

On June 30, 1908, a comet fragment exploded in Earth's atmosphere in Russian Siberia. A great blue-white fireball, brighter than the Sun streaked through the sky, exploded six to eight kilometers in the atmosphere with a blinding flash and intense pulse of heat. An electromagnetic pulse like anomalies were reported. The magnetic storm began a few minutes after the explosion. A compass was useless in Irkutsk, 1,000 km away. The explosion was heard 1,000 km away with trees were flattened 30 km from a central point in the Stony Tunguska River Valley. Sides of trees were burned 60 km away. The blast destroyed over 600 square kilometers of forest as the pillar of smoke and dust rose over the area. No crater was found. Scientists have observed the destruction and concluded the explosion had the force of a 30 megaton hydrogen bomb.

Comprehensive Article Index

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"A weapon that creates a brief pulse of microwaves powerful enough to disable electronically operated systems"

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The Journal of Electronic Defense The leading authority on Electronic Warfare, C4ISR, information operations, Command-and-control warfare and integrated military system

China Urges Action Against Threat Of Militarization Of Outer Space www.spacedaily.com
E-Bombing Civilization www.lewrockwell.com


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