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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Imminent Cataclysm In NW

Urgent warning of imminent cataclysm in Northwest United States

While Americans are kept distracted with manufactured news of an impending attack on Iran because of supposed nuclear violations and trivia about Dick Cheney shooting a hunting companion, a dedicated campaign of electronic scalar tectonic warfare is ongoing that will soon bring America to the brink of destruction.

Within months, and possibly weeks, the northwest coast of the United States will experience a tectonic and volcanic cataclysm quite unlike any other in recorded history. In the process, millions of people will be killed or injured. The American economy will be shaken to its very foundations, and in the process a draconian form of martial law will be declared that will make the cherished institute of constitutional democracy a thing of the past.

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What the masses of human beings all over the world have not been told is that it is possible to control and manipulate weather with a technology called 'scalar energy'. These energy weapons have other major capabilities that are even more dangerous than atomic weapons. Scalar Weapons could literally destroy the world and it is of the utmost urgency that human beings all over the world must be told of the existence of this devastating technology. ~Michael Shore

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