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Friday, June 09, 2006

CHEMTRAILS: agenda stepped up

source: May 2006 Idaho Observer

CHEMTRAILS: Nationwide reports indicate "spraying" agenda stepped up in recent months

Conspiracies develop among entities compelled to cooperate with one another because each have something to gain should the plot succeed. Whatever material or political gains individual conspirators may realize is their payoff for participating in plots that often produce long-term results (intended or coincidental) that are far more harmful than those that are immediately apparent.

IO readers from all over the nation have called to report that aerial "spraying" in their areas has been intensified over the last couple of months. As we have discussed in previous editions:

We know aerial spraying that results in "chemtrails," is occurring and that the toxic particulates contained in the spray vary depending upon what tropospheric platform is being built to enhance which technological innovation.

We know that the military is using virtual imaging and communications technologies that require seeding the sky with various particulates (including barium, aluminum and copper).

We know that non-government environmental organizations have convinced governments that financing the introduction of certain particulates via aerial spraying will inhibit global warming.

We know the relative toxicity of the substances (primarily heavy metals) admittedly being sprayed.

We know that the spraying agenda has been ongoing since the mid-90s.

And now we are beginning to see the "fallout" of these operations. At what cost must the plants, animals and humans of the world endure the military’s desire for advanced communications and virtual imaging systems? What is the net benefit of allegedly minimizing global warming when the process is toxic to all life on earth?

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