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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Conference on Geo-engineering

Conference on Geo-engineering…weather modification, chemtrails and global dimming

From the February 2010 Idaho Observe

Dr. Strangeloves from around the world gather to promote Geo-engineering…weather modification, chemtrails and global dimming
by Mauro Olivera

Geo-Engineering (GE) is the artificial modification of Earth’s climate systems. Industrial-sized GE projects range from DECLASSIFIED experimentation like ocean iron fertilization, to HIGHLY CLASSIFIED dangerous experimentation like AEROSOL SPRAYING (chemical spraying).

For over a decade, the mainstream media has ignored GE, while the U.S. military has feverishly deployed a wide range of GE advanced weapons technology (beyond weather modification). Geo-engineering scientists met in Copenhagen in September, whereas at the Copenhagen Summit, GE talk was limited to political talking heads referring to “many technological fixes” available to fight “climate change.”

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What the masses of human beings all over the world have not been told is that it is possible to control and manipulate weather with a technology called 'scalar energy'. These energy weapons have other major capabilities that are even more dangerous than atomic weapons. Scalar Weapons could literally destroy the world and it is of the utmost urgency that human beings all over the world must be told of the existence of this devastating technology. ~Michael Shore

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